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Loosely translated as “Unparalleled” or “Extraordinary”, Eximus Wildlife is located in the heart of the Eastern Cape and originated as a result of a collective group of passionate entrepreneurs who shared a deep affection for nature as well as a great admiration for wildlife, that were brought together by a single vision.

These likeminded investors, who originated from various professional backgrounds, combined their drive to excel with their collective knowledge and skills, to modernise the increasing wildlife industry.

Various research foundations specializing in areas such as Ecological Principles, Habitat Management, Feeding requirements, Weather patterns, Gene sampling, DNA analysis, Bacterial and Parasite sampling and testing and Veterinarian aspects are closely involved in all facets of the business.


In Pursuit of Purity

The ultimate objective at Eximus is to live up to their name and deliver on its promise of “Unrivaled Purity”. Stock is only procured from recognised breeders with proven track records and through comprehensive state of the art DNA tracking together with internationally developed game breeding software, Eximus aims to establish a brand and reputation of the highest quality.

At the facility, experts supervise intensive breeding with animals that are well adapted to their habitat. Although Biosecurity is fundamental, Eximus strives to achieve deep colour variants with exceptional horn lengths in game that is genetically pure and free of any disease.


To contribute to its success, Eximus has adopted the “Big Five” business principles and applied it to game ranching.

  • Search and research for exceptional specimen.
  • Apply approved methods and management.
  • Meticulous record keeping.
  • Analysing of statistics and well thought through decisions to bring a top quality product with a record to surpass the norm.
  • Ethic business is the helm of our business and our business is game!

Other Services

Eximus furthermore differentiates itself by offering the following services:

First game breeding company to offer DNA Management services to other game breeders, with trusted DNA records that gives customers piece of mind that their investment has been researched and recorded by an independent organisation.

Game breeding services to assist new entrants in the industry, with limited experience, and safeguard them from mistakes that could lead to unsustainable ventures.

This enables Eximus to maintain unrivalled purity in the industry.

More Services Include:

  • DNA sampling and registration
  • Structuring of family trees
  • DNA Analysis
  • Game management services
  • Platform to advertise and sell game
  • Platform to purchase game from other breeders

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