DNA Services

Eximus offers access to State-of-the-art DNA testing for animal identification. The ability to uniquely identify an animal by its DNA eliminates the problems associated with other common forms of identification such as ear tags, microchip, tattoos, nose prints, or visual physical properties. The DNA of your animal will never change over the life span of the animal and any blood or hair of the animal can be used for a sample to test.

Strengthening herds by confirming lineages through DNA identification is accomplished quickly and with the highest accuracy. The service offers effective methods of animal identification, sire determination, forensic identification, and genetic record-keeping.

DNA Services Differentiators:

  • Service Provider that has been trusted for over 15 years.
  • Innovative scientists and management team.
  • High quality, customised solutions with expedited results.
  • Global Animal Registry (GAR) uses DNA-based genetic testing methods to improve the success of your breeding program and increase your profitability. The registry provides the ability to track multiple species including Cape buffalo, Roan antelope, Sable antelope, cattle, and deer.
  • The Registry is a repository of genetic information which allows for the development of extensive pedigrees that increases the value of your animals.
  • A central location for identifying information including pictures, dates of birth, ownerships, ear tags and microchips.
  • Electronic storage of animal information that is easily retrieved.
  • Turnaround time of 3 weeks from receiving of DNA samples.

Eximus furthermore differentiates itself by offering the following services:

  • First game breeding company to offer DNA sampling and Management services to other game breeders, with trusted DNA records that gives customers piece of mind that their investment has been researched and recorded by an independent organisation.
  • Game breeding services to assist new entrants in the industry, with limited experience, and safeguard them from mistakes that could lead to unsustainable ventures.
  • Eximus Wildlife will take the sting out of DNA sampling and the administration there of for game breeders and ranchers.
  • Eximus Wildlife performs on-site DNA sampling.
  • Logistical management and tracking off DNA Samples.
  • Professional photography of animals, for data capturing purposes on management application.

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