Game Breeding Management Services

Eximus are using GMS Africa breeding software it is currently the leading game breeding software in South Africa. Eximus will provide a service to capture your herd data and creating animal profiles, which will provide you with a herd inventory. The program will send and retrieve DNA information electronically from our DNA service provider.

“You can’t Manage what you can’t Measure"

Highlights of the various data points and available features

  1. Herd Inventory: Create a specific profile for each animal in your herd/program with pertinent data such as, type of animal i.e. Cape Buffalo, Roan Antelope, Sable Antelope. Tag ID, RFID information, DNA information, Breeders info, Date of birth, Date added to program, Camp location, Region from info, age at entry, Sire, Dam, Purchase info, release info, medication detail, add photos, and much more.
  2. Animal search module: This module allows you to query your data hundreds of different ways, search by species, groups, region, age, tag colour, tag number, DOB, sire, dam, camp location, regions, removal cause, offspring of male or female, RFID and much more.
  3. Send DNA samples (forms only) electronically to DNA Solutions of Oklahoma with a few clicks of you mouse.
  4. Retrieve DNA informationfrom their database directly into your program without having to re-enter data.
  5. Pedigree moduleis second to none. GMS Africa has one of the most advanced pedigree/lineage tools available. Once your animals are entered in to the herd inventory module, all you have to do is choose a sire and dam and the pedigree tree is built instantly. This can be printed, saved or emailed to third parties. Offspring lists of each animal. There are filters that allow you to specify specific status of offspring i.e. Sold, dead, active, transferred etc. You can also customize the pedigree on the fly. Show up to 4 generations or as little as two generations, you select what data you want to see i.e. DNA#, tag number, name, comments, etc.
  6. Dream Animal module:This is also a ‘one-of-a-kind’ feature that allows you to mix and match pedigrees to see what the lineage would be if you bred one animal to another. It’s a ‘what if’ scenario that helps you decide what your breeding scheme will be for the upcoming breeding season. You will actually have the pedigree of the offspring before the sire and dam mate!
  7. The GMS E.B.P moduleis one-of-a-kind and takes the guesswork out of our breeding program. The Estimated Bloodline Percentage (EBP) module allows game farmers to mix and match pedigrees and instantly calculate the bloodline percentage of an animal’s pedigree. The module takes the percentage relevant to a specific generation and to the individual animal in those generations and allows the farmer to see what the overall estimated percentage will be of a specific animals pedigree. It is designed as a tool that will help the farmer make a more educated decision when it comes to his or her breeding program. We all hear the catch phrases that an animal’s pedigree is "stacked" or is "line bred" very tight. The E.B.P gives you specific data on just how line bred or stacked a pedigree actually is or isn’t. The tool calculates out to four generations, but gives you the flexibility to calculate one, two, three or four generations and it allows you to look at the percentages separated from top and bottom of the lineage or a combined total of both top and bottom.
  8. Medication Inventory module: this module is like an ‘electronic medicine cabinet,’ it allows you to keep detail information about the specific medication inventory you have, what product was purchased, when, quantity, when it was used, discarded, who administered the product, how much, when, and to what animal it was administered and much more.
  9. Reporting feature:there are several reporting features that can be utilized to query data and print off reports for other use. Region reports, camp inventory reports, medication inventory reports, animal movement reports (in and out of your program) and much more.
  10. Journaling features allow you to keep unlimited notes on specific animals or use the General Journal feature to keep notes for your overall program.
  11. Multiple Animal Action features give you the power to record data for multiple animals with just a few clicks. Move an entire herd from one camp to another without going to each animal to record. You can do this with medications, receipts and much more.

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