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The farm Hellspoort is located in the Lower Fishriver Valley Basin of the Eastern Cape near Grahamstown, between the Catberg/Winterberg and Witteberg mountains. This biome is known as valley bush veldt. With its succulent shrubs and savannah veldt it is the perfect place to raise wild herbivores.

Our breeding stock are closely monitored and observed to detect any change in condition and illnesses. As part of our management faecal samples are tested to control endo and ecto – parasites. Animals are tagged and microchipped for identification purposes.

A comprehensive record of each animal are kept on our internationally developed management program. Data Such as teeth photo’s, measurements and treatment records are stored as well as DNA certificates and profiles. Blood and hair samples are collected and stored for DNA sampling and referencing.

Exceptional animals are named after the breath-taking rivers of the Eastern Cape.

Eximus initially focused on Black Impala as its core project due to the conducive nature of the habitat of the region. Known observations of natural Black Impala in the Kruger National Park date back to 1978 and their genetic markers have been identified, which makes breeding of the colour variant possible (Deon Furstenburg WRSA congress).

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